Opportunity doesn't knock often... 
So let's be AMAZING together!
Lisa Conway - Best Selling Author, Speaker, Mentor and founder of Club ZING.
Lisa Conway - Author, Speaker and Mentor has spent the last 2 years converting her 3 best selling books in to an ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANY DEVICE coaching tool for salon professionals!
"At ZING everything we do is about creating MORE TIME for our wonderful clients to spend outside their salon. We develop amaZING TEAMS that support their  goals and MORE MONEY than they thought was possible." 

"TIME, TEAM and MONEY is the key to every salons success
and this we what we teach."

Lisa Conway - Author, Speaker, Mentor
Let Me Explain Why 'Club ZING' Will Transform Your Business, Your Life and Give You the Freedom and Money You Deserve!
Club ZING: Business smarts for
Hair and Beauty salon owners
anywhere, anytime, any device.
But don't believe us take a look for yourself...

"Retail from 15% to 80% in 2 Months!"

"Out earning my husband only working 2.5 days a week!"

"I couldn't have done it without you and your books"

Annalice - Melbourne Australia

Have you ever had the opportunity to work on your business with one of the Hair and Beauty industries leading mentors?

Bring Your Salon Back to Life 
Just Like Annette!
Annette Carter
Creative Director
The Do Salon - St Kilda
Maybe you want a team of self-starters just like Lib?
Or some amaZING monthly figures like Sam and Jen..
So how do we do it?
We teach you what you’re expected to know, but were never taught!
Club ZING is a new community created just for salon owners. Your virtual business coach is only ever a click away, ready to help you solve problems, build a kick-arse team, manage your time and make more money for the things you love.

Club ZING is the brainchild of Lisa Conway, hairdresser, mentor and author of The Naked Salon and Your Salon Team and Your Salon Retail.

Lisa knows you’re busy - Crazy busy!

That’s why Club ZING gives you instant, affordable access to all you need to kick-start change in your business. Weekly webinars, how-to articles, video tips and more, all created with one mission in mind: teaching you how to take your salon from Good 2 Great.

If you’re a busy hair and beauty professional ready to make magic happen in your salon, Club ZING is your perfect online mentor – you were made for each other.