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Lisa talks about what makes Club ZING different and why our industry needs it...

What would you expect to pay for all Club ZING offers?

How much is an easy-to-access, professional, salon-centric education portal worth to you and your team?

It’s a big question with a surprisingly small answer. For a weekly investment less than the cost of a child's haircut or a spray tan, Club ZING offers astute salon owners like you the resources you need to take your salon from Good 2 Great.

Kick-start change today and keep on going!

Club ZING is NOT a short course that ends in a few weeks or months – we’re there as long as you need us, updating the info, adding more resources and creating fresh new ways to “pump your tyres”.

What do you get?

Members (or ZINGers) get UNLIMITED access to practical advice, professional coaching, salon-focused education and mentoring, including;

- Weekly wisdom delivered to your inbox.

- Webinars on frequently requested topics.

- Access to weekly tutorials and lessons from the ZING Coaching program, including handouts      and images.

- Instant access to Lisa's quick tips and published articles.

- Member only discounts on live training and 1 to 1 coaching

Plus, you’ll be hanging out with like-minded salon professionals who share your problems and love to celebrate your successes. ZINGers are just like you, and me, and us. Club ZING is a community, an industry campfire where our tribe gathers to create change – in ourselves, in our salons and in the wider hair and beauty sector.

Lisa here, and I’d like to ask you a few questions, ‘one salon owner to another’:
- Are you getting everything you want or expect from your salon?

- Does it give you time for the other things you want in your life?

- Does it give you a fair return on the time, effort and money you invest in it?

If you answered “No” to even one of these questions (probably all 4), then Club ZING is for you. You’ll find all the answers you need to create the life you want, with a great team that supports you, more time to yourself and the money to enjoy it!

ZING's 1 on 1 coaching programs start at a few hundred dollars per week and I get that not everyone can afford this and this is why I created Club ZING.

Each week I will help build your business confidence and in turn make your salon amaZING so you can take the next step in your personal or entrepreneurial journey and maybe even join me in a Masterclass!

You deserve an amaZING business and life, this is what I want for you and know I can deliver, as I have for hundred of other salon owners, so why not start today.

Bye for now,
So forget a few hundred per week, Lisa is so confident that Club ZING will make a HUGE impact on your business, that she is offering you a

FREE 7 day trial, then only $197 per month!

Club ZING is amaZING value when compared to the cost of 1-to-1 coaching, seminars and online courses. 

Your membership will give you access a new lesson each week. All for around $45 a week!

Best of all you can share Club ZING with your team.  Get your juniors and seniors on the same page and start growing your team together.

NO Contracts!   NO Strings!   NO Excuses!
We know Club ZING works, as hundreds happy members will agree, (just read below)...
BUT, if it doesn't work for you, no matter the reason, you can cancel anytime - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

So you have nothing to lose...
Listen to what so other salon owners have to say...
"I found it really hard to get motivated. Having two toddlers and owning a business was a really big job. Lisa was the best decision I ever made."
Clarissa Crawford
Koca Lane Salon
"I'm a typical hairdresser, creative but until Lisa I had no idea about running a business, it felt like we weren't going anywhere. Lisa just brings out the best in me, she knows her stuff and gets it as a hairdresser."
Tim Maddaford
Madd Hairdressing
"I've been in the business for 32 years and had a lot of highs and lows. Lisa totally understands where I am coming from - she's been there and done it herself. Her infectious personality turns any mood around."
Lib Marchese
Markese Hair & Makeup
"As a family business we were struggling. Lisa opened our eyes as she understands us, she's done the hard yards! She's helped me grow as a person - I've blossomed!"
Nicole Perri
Perri's Hairdressing
"Being three sisters in the same salon, Lisa gave us structure and kept us focused. She sees  greatness in us that we often can't see."
Emma, Maz & Sofia Azorakos
SOGO Hair & Beauty
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